The best Way to build a great company is to develop the greatness within your people....Vizhi Awakening helps you to improve efficiency and effectiveness of your employees and transform your company into a great organisation.

The conventional way of leadership model is obsolete. Today’s Leadership is drawing everyone’s minds in one direction.... Now, any organisation needs to excel in these times of changes, needs a Leader is a one who manage the minds of their team mates.

The Secret of Your Personal Branding (A Complete Image Management Program)

  • This program covers – What is personal Branding, Discovering the hidden talents within you, Create a personal brand and that win others attention, Image, Etiquette, Grooming, Specialisation, Creating customer delight, Identity, Interpersonal Skills, Development, Sales Strategy and Selling Skills, Personal excellence, Network and Referrals, Advertising, Maintaining your Brand Strategy.

Find Your Own Everest (A Self Discovery)

  • This program covers – What is visioning, why vision, Goal Setting, Map of your life, How to set goals, Nature of Mind, Power of sub conscious mind, Motivation Vs Inspiration, How to achieve your goal and succeed in life & career.

Wellness at work (A Complete Body, Mind and Ultimate Wellbeing Program)

  • This program covers – Understanding of Body, Root causes for diseases, Sources of energy, Science of breath (Breath based techniques and mindful tools practised to transform ones insights, decisions and actions), Nature of Mind, Power of sub conscious mind, How to achieve your goal and succeed in life & career. Introduction of Surya Namaskar & Asanas with its benefits.