The Secret of Your Blissful Body (A Holistic Health Care Program)

  • The intent of the program is to offer the complete wisdom about Healthy -Wellbeing. Good Health is the state of wellness, characterised by balance of all aspects of body, when imbalance causes, it results in ill health and prolonged Ill health is disease. This is an experiential program where we will have a good understanding about the body, Nature of body, what is the body made of, what is disease, root causes of diseases and how to keep the body disease free.

De – Coding The Billionaire’s Mind (A Wealthy Transfiguration)

  • Your vision, Goal & desire are the most powerful force that influences your existence. It determines your thoughts, action and expectations. This program helps you to identify your personality, the way others perceive you, your responses and your true purpose of life. This program covers What is visioning, why vision, Goal Setting, Map of your life, Nature of Mind, Power of sub conscious mind, How to achieve your goal and succeed in life & career.

The Secret of Your Self Realisation (To discover the REAL YOU)

  • This program reveals the secret of your life to get your total freedom, this program offers an experiential learning about life and how beautiful you can make it. Let us start playing life as a game without any fears and feel the abundance inner energies. At the end of the program you will discover The Real You.