Happiness & Peace are the two things we pursue in our everyday life.
They say that treasures are often found in simple things; similarly happiness can be experienced by following simple practices.
Today’s science witnessing that happiness can be increases by 25% instantly by practicing this process.
This is very simple, yet powerful method to experience happiness.
That one thing is expressing and feels the “Gratitude”.
Research shows people who are consistently grateful and expressing gratitude are happier and living in abundance.
Here is a simple exercise, let’s try

  • Think about a Balance Scale and keep whatever you have got in life on one side of scale and things that you don’t have on the other side. Check which side is more and weighing scale is inclining.
  • Think about 5 persons & 5 things you are be grateful and express thank you to them.
  • Be reminded that whatever you focus on that expands and you invite more, when you express the gratitude you are living in abundance and you will get more in return.
  • Be mindful that when you express gratitude, you attract more abundance, love and good health.

I am grateful to you that you are reading my blog.
Be Happy!


Sathish Kumar