Sathish Kumar

Hi, I am Sathish,

I am Prosperity & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Counsellor and a Avid learner.

I was into financial services industries like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company and Citibank for 15 years till 2016. From the beginning of my career, i was keenly interested in learning and exploring all aspects of life, which led me to learn about business etiquette, personal development and to develop more as seasoned Banker.

This journey gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of people of different stratum, which all narrowed down my feelings, thoughts & actions into a contrastive quest towards the relationship between Existence and Self.

Who Am I - The study about SELF which moulded my acquired gross knowledge about the Existence into Nothingness, which is eventually Everything. This experience about “That which is not” was of Infinite Bliss. I felt everyone deserves to be in constant touch with this ecstasy which made me to conceive VIZHI AWAKENING.

"Chew your Water, Drink your Food" how this basic knowledge about the Self Technology could influence and progress every aspect of life be it Personal or Professional to make everyone to able attain heights.